Fare-Thee-Well Chicago!

By Kim Vanderheiden

The Painted Tongue Press Chicago Studio has closed as of Thursday, September 5th, 2007 as I prepare to return to the San Francisco Bay Area where my husband will continue his career in the biotech investment field. I will return to the Oakland Studio to work side by side with our Head of Production, Bill Denham.

Apprenticeships and workshops can resume in October. Those who are interested may contact me at info@paintedtonguepress.com.

I was about to have my large Griffin etching press shipped in, and was on the lookout for more letterpresses, when it began to appear that I may have to move. The workshop was on the third floor of an active factory that manufactures photo albums. I will attach a picture of it soon.

I’m sad to leave Chicago, where my children would have grown up closer to extended family members, where there are mighty thunderstorms and beautiful fall colors, hoards of children, and exciting public spaces and public art. Yet I’m excited to return to my bay area friends, resume teaching, enjoy early springs, gorgeous hiking grounds, polite drivers, and have access to my presses. It did feel a bit strange to be known about my Chicago studio space as ‘the letterpress printer,’ when I had only a small etching press with me!

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