Special Guest Dan Welden to Teach Solar Etching at PTS in September

Master printer and creator of the Solarplate, Dan Welden, will be  teaching a three-day intensive solar etching workshop from September 11th-13th at the Painted Tongue Studios.

Solarplate is a UV sensitive polymer plate designed to allow artists to create etchings or relief images without the use of dangerous acids, solvents and grounds. The plates yield rich, intense ink, reminiscent of mezzotints, aquatints and Rembrandt quality etchings.

The plates can be created very simply, using a variety of techniques, including photography, drawing, digital imagery, painting, scraping, stamping, pen & ink, and collage.

Dan Welden developed the Solarplate in 1971 and is the co-author of “Printmaking in the Sun,” a well-written, beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to the solar etching process. As a master printer, he has collaborated with or printed for artists including
Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Dan Flavin, Eric Fischl, David Salle, and Lynda Benglis. He is a well-established artist in his own right, having exhibited internationally in over 65 solo and 350 group exhibitions. Dan has taught around the world, including Belgium, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, and at over 100 universities, schools, galleries, and museums.

Solar etching is a common technique used and taught at Painted Tongue Studios, and we’re terribly excited to have this opportunity to bring such a  skilled and renown instructor to share with our community. Dan’s  class is being offered from September 11th – 13th in our West Oakland studio. The fee is $395 (+ materials). To join this workshop, please call us at 510-593-4221, or email info@paintedtonguepress.com to sign up.

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