The Heidelberg

The Heidelberg

I had one of those weeks

on the Heidelberg—

the kind that can only happen

two or three or more years in,

when one knows a little more of what one’s looking at,

after hours and hours and hours of trial and error,

lots and lots of error,

peppered here and there with

a brilliant success

that seems a gift from the gods,

some kind of magic one can hardly grasp

and certainly not duplicate—

yet, a source of hope and inspiration.

The week, then, was one of intense frustration

with rider rollers, sloppy inking,

slipping plates, double runs

(as in doing the entire job over)

to mention just a few of them

and a final success:

a beautifully clear, crisp,

perfectly inked image and text

(well, to be totally candid, not entirely perfect

but close—to the naked eye—close enough)

that moved beyond the realm of magic

and sat squarely on all those hours

of practice and observation,

observation and practice

and all the while,

quite slowly, learning

the zen of standing

at the Heidelberg


BD 12/7/07

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