Printing in Tongues


Beautiful Bilingual Invitation in Chinese and English

We custom design and print multilingual invitations that will leave a lasting impression

Wir entwerfen und drucken zweisprachige Einladungen
We design and print bilingual invitations

We can make Chinese language invitations

Nous faisons invitations en beaucoup des langues.
We make invitations in many languages.

Chúng tôi thiết ké thiệp mời cao cấp.
We design ‘high end’ invitations.

نحن طباعة
We print.

We want to let you know that we design and print bilingual invitations and other letterpress projects.

To do this, first contact us for a consultation to plan the project and receive a quote. Once the contract is set up, you provide us with the text you would like to use. The text can be in an email, text file, or Word file. We then incorporate that text into your designs, provide you with a choice of fonts, and integrate it with the imagery on the page. Here are examples from past projects:



Invitation in Japanese


Invitation in English and Korean


Invitation in Russian!


Beautiful Invitation in Spanish


Bilingual Invitation in Ukrainian and English


Cheers! In many different languages.

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