Mom, We’re Gonna Be Movie Stars!!

Monte Carlo Invitations

San Francisco Bay Area locals, watch us this Sunday and next on Days with Zahrah on Kron 4! Days with Zahrah is a magazine style show that covers travel, local flavors, interviews, and inspirational stories. This season, Zahrah is showing a series on planning your wedding. She will be featuring our letterpress invitation design and printing¬†on Sunday, October 3rd, and another blurb on Sunday, October 10th. If you’re local, watch us this Sunday!!

We created the stunning invitations you see featured here for the Zahrah show’s season launch party. The party carried a Monte Carlo theme, and we designed the invitations based on the architecture and grounds of the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. The sealing wax is terrific stuff we love to use, made by Atelier Gargoyle. The teal, two-tiered band reflect the colors of the fountain before the casino and the ocean just beyond it. The sculptural, pale yellow design motif reflects the beauty and intricacy of the architectural detail. This exquisite set was completed with envelopes addressed by Papineau Calligraphy.

1:00 pm. Sunday, October 3rd, 2010. Be there!

Monte Carlo Invitation

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