The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth AmendmentJoin us in defending our rights by wearing this card as you travel through airport security this season. It is inspired by the recently instituted TSA x-ray screenings that show private parts of the body, and pat downs that include touching such parts.

The card is 3.5×5″ on an extremely thick, cotton cardstock. It is sold with hole punches and a cord to wear around your neck. It’s letterpress printed just as Ben Franklin would have done! Please visit our Etsy site and purchase this card:

Here are ways you can use this card to voice your protest:
1. The easiest, most visible, and least confrontational way is to simply wear it, either around your neck, or attached to your baggage.

2. We are testing whether the thickness of the cardstock will cause it to show up on the scanners. (We do know that the scanners can pick up a passport.) If so, you can wear it under your clothing, wait until the TSA employee asks for it, and then hand it to the employee. It will certainly show up if you replace the provided cord with a metal chain/necklace.

3. Since the cardstock is substantial, it could also be noticed during a pat down. The card is small enough to fit in a typical adult shirt pocket.

Please spread the word, and don’t travel without this card this season. If terrorists cause us to undermine our own Constitution, have they not won?

(Picture shown is a digital prototype of the card. The cards have just come off press and will be ready to ship on or before December 1st. A photograph of the card will be available shortly.)


One response to “The Fourth Amendment

  1. I saw a lot of activity on this post yesterday, so just thought I’d add a quick comment: This was letterpressed and is available from our studio if there’s interest. We’ve taken it down from the etsy page, but you can purchase one by sending an email to If there’s interest, we can post it back up on etsy.

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