Our awesome printer Bettina Pauly speaks at Lightning Talks at the San Francisco Center for the Book!

Friday, July 27th, 2012   6:00-8:00 PM

300 De Haro Street (16th Street entrance)
San Francisco 94103

What’s a “lightning talk”?

Each of the artists listed below, along with collector Mary Austin and curator Daisy Carlson,
will each speak for less than 5 minutes about how their overall work informs their artists’ book in the exhibition,
followed by general discussion and a walk-through of the entire exhibition.

The exhibition catalog will be available for purchase.

EXPLODING THE CODEX: The Theater of the Book
from the collection of Mary K. Austin | Daisy Carlson, curator
is at the San Francisco Center for the Book through August 31, 2012

Rhiannon Alpers, Specimen Series: Metamorphosis Numbers Four & Nine
Ed Baskauskas, Colander Calendar
Julie Chen, Memento, The Veil, True to Life
Marie C. Dern, Winter Orchard
Bettina Pauly, Tunnel Book
Seiko Tachibana, Egg
Katherine Venturelli, Lunar Journey

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