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General announcements about important happenings at the studio, including studio hosted events.

We’re at National Stationery Show 2011!

Ladies of Letterpress at National Stationery Show

Ladies of Letterpress at National Stationery Show

We’re exhibiting with Ladies of Letterpress at the National Stationery Show this year. It’s our first time at the show, and so far has been a terrific experience. The gals from the other 10 small letterpress shops who are in our booth have been wonderful to work with. We never would have made it here without them! Our booths are 2362, 2364, 2366, and 2368. If you’re at the show, come by and see us!

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on displayPainted Tongue Studios at National Stationery Show


The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth AmendmentJoin us in defending our rights by wearing this card as you travel through airport security this season. It is inspired by the recently instituted TSA x-ray screenings that show private parts of the body, and pat downs that include touching such parts.

The card is 3.5×5″ on an extremely thick, cotton cardstock. It is sold with hole punches and a cord to wear around your neck. It’s letterpress printed just as Ben Franklin would have done! Please visit our Etsy site and purchase this card:

Here are ways you can use this card to voice your protest: Continue reading

See Us on TV

Here is the link to episode 2 of the “days with Zahrah” show on Kron 4. (Be sure to click on “episode 2.” The default is whatever show is most current.) We’re the last segment, at the end of the 1/2 hour show. If you’d like to skip ahead, you can use the sliding bar at the bottom to zoom over to us, or you can enjoy the whole episode. We are not on the October 12th, 3rd episode, as originally planned. If we find that footage running on a different date, we’ll post it here as well.

Sneak Peeks

days with Zahrah interview with Kim Vanderheiden

We should be able to post the segments aired on the days with Zahrah show very soon. In the meantime, here are two links we found that are related to the story:

Here is a transcript of the first segment. The written transcript is not very intelligible, actually, but there is a picture from the interview (also shown above). If you do decide to brave the “writing,” the letterpress talk begins at 00:21:00.

On Zahrah’s Facebook page, about halfway down on the left, is a video called “days with Zahrah 2010 episode #2 (HD).” It’s a short clip and if you watch to the end, you’ll see our Bill Denham printing on the Heidelberg.

More to come . . .

Mom, We’re Gonna Be Movie Stars!!

Monte Carlo Invitations

San Francisco Bay Area locals, watch us this Sunday and next on Days with Zahrah on Kron 4! Days with Zahrah is a magazine style show that covers travel, local flavors, interviews, and inspirational stories. This season, Zahrah is showing a series on planning your wedding. She will be featuring our letterpress invitation design and printing on Sunday, October 3rd, and another blurb on Sunday, October 10th. If you’re local, watch us this Sunday!!

We created the stunning invitations you see featured here for the Zahrah show’s season launch party. The party carried a Monte Carlo theme, and we designed the invitations based on the architecture and grounds of the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. The sealing wax is terrific stuff we love to use, made by Atelier Gargoyle. The teal, two-tiered band reflect the colors of the fountain before the casino and the ocean just beyond it. The sculptural, pale yellow design motif reflects the beauty and intricacy of the architectural detail. This exquisite set was completed with envelopes addressed by Papineau Calligraphy.

1:00 pm. Sunday, October 3rd, 2010. Be there!

Monte Carlo Invitation

Our Bill Denham & Bettina Pauly read at the Zen Center

On Friday, April 2nd from 7:30 to 9:00 – San Francisco Zen Center, 300 Page Street, San Francisco, California. 415-863-3136

There is a special presentation during the exhibition opening of the al-Mutanabbi Street Broadside project at the San Francisco Zen Center. Two of our artists and printers, Bill Denham and Bettina Pauly, will be among the readers.

Bill will be sharing The Diameter of the Bomb, a poem by Yehuda Amichai, translated by Chana Block. A broadside of this poem was designed and illustrated by Kim Vanderheiden, and printed and assembeled by Bill. It’s an interactive piece. A ring of black rays hug the poem and image. To view them, the reader must unfold the rays, exploding the broadside.

Bettina Pauly will be reading a translation from Abdul Satar, shown in the documentary: A Candle for the Shabandar Cafe, Baghdad, 2007, which corresponds with her broadside – a powerful piece that’s been two years in the making. It features testimony about the bombing in Arabic and English, with a hole carefully burned out of the center, between the two languages. Across the hole, the broadside is stitched back together.

Both are very powerful pieces, and are on display at the Zen Center, along with 130 other works commemorating the 2007 package bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street – a street of booksellers in Baghdad; a street renown intellectual exploration and freedom of thought and speech.

The event is free and open to the public. Donations and purchases of broadsides benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Good News! – Good Reviews!

Stephanie Dickison, an author and pop culture, music, book, and restaurant critic, gave us an awesome review on her blog last Friday, January 22, 2010. I hope you’ll check it out! She posts very frequently, so if you’re having trouble finding it, you might find us under the “Stationery” category. The post about us has a large green “5” on a white background directly above it.