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See Us on TV

Here is the link to episode 2 of the “days with Zahrah” show on Kron 4. (Be sure to click on “episode 2.” The default is whatever show is most current.) We’re the last segment, at the end of the 1/2 hour show. If you’d like to skip ahead, you can use the sliding bar at the bottom to zoom over to us, or you can enjoy the whole episode. We are not on the October 12th, 3rd episode, as originally planned. If we find that footage running on a different date, we’ll post it here as well.


Sneak Peeks

days with Zahrah interview with Kim Vanderheiden

We should be able to post the segments aired on the days with Zahrah show very soon. In the meantime, here are two links we found that are related to the story:

Here is a transcript of the first segment. The written transcript is not very intelligible, actually, but there is a picture from the interview (also shown above). If you do decide to brave the “writing,” the letterpress talk begins at 00:21:00.

On Zahrah’s Facebook page, about halfway down on the left, is a video called “days with Zahrah 2010 episode #2 (HD).” It’s a short clip and if you watch to the end, you’ll see our Bill Denham printing on the Heidelberg.

More to come . . .

We’ve been busy!

Nora and Orlando
It’s been a while since we’ve posted about what’s going on in our studio.  This is because we’ve been really busy through the winter and into spring.  We’ve been excited about the many different projects we’ve had, from wedding invitation packages to dinner menus for events.  Please click the “keep reading” button below to see images of the different projects.  As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

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Artists galore!

There are a lot of artists working here at Painted Tongue.  Here are a few of their current projects.

K2 Print by Bill Denham

Meeting Doodles by Ben Chan

Linoleum Cut Animals by Jenny Seiler

Cardboard Piece by Kim Vanderheiden

Bunny Boxes by Bettina Pauly

Red Box by Bettina Pauly

Christmas books by Mitsuko Baum

Peace Book by Mitsuko Baum

Paper cut on black paper by Tory Van Wey

Robot linoleum cut in progress by LeeAnn Jacobs

Robot linoleum cut in progress by LeeAnn Jacobs

In the News

We’ve been remiss on sharing some of our publicity this year. Here are some items that went into print:

We made “Best of the East Bay!”
In the East Bay Express, we are the “BEST PLACE TO ARGUE OVER WHETHER SAVE-THE-DATE CARDS ARE REALLY NECESSARY” Click here to read the article (published Summer 2008):

Kim Vanderheiden was quoted in the Washington Blade
Follow this link to read the article, “California Wedding Industry Enjoying Upswing Despite Prop 8’s Unknown Fate.” (published September 2008):

My First Letterpress Project

One of the perks to being an apprentice at the Painted Tongue Press is being able to work on personal projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. During Sunday workshops I have started working on my first personal project, a holiday card. The process begins with planning out the project and visualizing the end product. After some brainstorming I decided I wanted to do a three color card of a snowman in a field with snowflakes falling.

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First Time Heidelberg User

When I first saw a Heidelberg Windmill operate, all I could think was, “Wow, that’s LOUD.” Whenever the press was turned off, a collective sigh of relief would escape from everyone in the studio. No more whooshing arms or pumping pistons, just sweet quiet. So you can imagine the “crap” that involuntarily echoed in my head when I heard I was to print on this machine. “The scalper”, as I now fondly call it, was to be my next lesson in humility.

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