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Our awesome printer Bettina Pauly speaks at Lightning Talks at the San Francisco Center for the Book!

Friday, July 27th, 2012   6:00-8:00 PM

300 De Haro Street (16th Street entrance)
San Francisco 94103

What’s a “lightning talk”?

Each of the artists listed below, along with collector Mary Austin and curator Daisy Carlson,
will each speak for less than 5 minutes about how their overall work informs their artists’ book in the exhibition,
followed by general discussion and a walk-through of the entire exhibition.

The exhibition catalog will be available for purchase.

EXPLODING THE CODEX: The Theater of the Book
from the collection of Mary K. Austin | Daisy Carlson, curator
is at the San Francisco Center for the Book through August 31, 2012

Rhiannon Alpers, Specimen Series: Metamorphosis Numbers Four & Nine
Ed Baskauskas, Colander Calendar
Julie Chen, Memento, The Veil, True to Life
Marie C. Dern, Winter Orchard
Bettina Pauly, Tunnel Book
Seiko Tachibana, Egg
Katherine Venturelli, Lunar Journey

Paited Tongue Studios on Wedding Row

redwood tree wedding invitation

Painted Tongue Studios was recently featured on Wedding Row California’s blog!

Check out article here:

Photo by: Julie Mikos

Kim’s New Artwork!

image from Kim Vandrheiden's Ghost Townimage from Kim Vanderheiden's Ghost Townimage from Kim Vanderheiden's Ghost Town

Meet Bill our 70 year old Head of Production

Bill Denham, the head of production at Painted Tongue Studios, followed his love of language from his home in the American South to Berkeley, California. He’s a poet, a paper sculptor, and printer whose love of stories lead him to his love of letterpress.

When asked how he fell in love with language he said “I just sort of came out that way”. The son of a preacher in rural Mooresville North Carolina, Bill says he fell in love with the spoken word listening to his father speak. “He had a melodic voice, a good speaking voice, and because of that I just like listening to language.” It’s no surprised that Bill became a poet from an early age.

Bill’s passion for words led him to Berkeley, California where he continued to write. Then, when he was close to 60, he decided he wanted to print a broadside of one of his poems. In a serendipitous turn of events, letterpress found Bill as he was walking down Addison Street in Berkeley. He happened to pass by a public art exhibit and found the medium he has been searching for, “there was a [handmade] book of poetry printed by Mary Laird sitting in a window. I saw the book, liked it, and got her info. When I went to talk to her about printing a broadside she said ‘I’m way too expensive go talk to Kim.’”

Kim Vanderheiden, the founder of Painted Tongue Studios agreed to help Bill with his broadside “Sisyphus” in 2001 from her dining room/letterpress studio in Berkeley and the rest is Painted Tongue history. Kim and Bill struck up a friendship that moved along with them to the current studio on 29th St. in Oakland. “I was interested in working together somehow and wanted to print more stuff.” Bill studied printing with Kim on and off for around two years. Kim said “he showed a strong aptitude for working with finicky, cantankerous, antique machinery. Eventually, Kim’s husband was offered an opportunity in Chicago and she asked Bill if he wanted to run the studio in her stead.  Bill said, “Kim, I don’t know how to print (referring to his lack of client job experience)” to which Kim replied: “I’ll show you.” So Bill became a printer so that he could indeed “print more stuff”.

Bill remembers the process of learning to use the Heidelberg press, “I had to learn how to see projects, I had to learn color, “The first few years were rough but Bill remembers “there was a certain thrill.”

Bill began working at Painted Tongue in 2005 and 7 years later he’s preparing to retire. He’s handed the reigns over to new printers and his main duties now consist of “being the old dude in the studio, having more experience than everyone else, and sharing ideas about how to fix problems.” He spends 1-2 days a week training new printers and hanging out. “There are good friends and it’s a nice place to be. Best job I ever had.”


Painted Tongue Community – Join Us!

ImageWe are excited to announce a new artist member organization, Painted Tongue Community! The purpose of the community is to nurture and enhance the creative experience, expression, skills, and works of Bay Area visual artists through a community based support network.

Benefits include:
• Bimonthly Salon
• Bimonthly Critique/Support Group
• Online Information and Support Network
• Social Events
• Career Building
• Discount off of Painted Tongue Press products

We will hold our Salons and Crit/Support Groups on the first Sunday of each month, from 4-6 pm, at the Oakland Studio. (730 29th Street, Suite 101). We will begin on May 6th with the salon topic, “Great Artists Steal”, followed by the first Crit/Support Group on Sunday June 3rd.

Membership is an affordable $30 per year. A complete outline of benefits with a sign up form can be found on this pdf file.

At “Great Artists Steal” we’ll talk about the recent Richard Prince copyright infringement suit and its potential effect on YOUR artwork. Also, we will view and discuss a TED presentation by Larry Lessig on the subject of easing copyright law. After learning its surprising end proposal, share whether you think you as an artist could adopt his suggestion. Yeah, and I should also mention, parts of the video is hilarious! Last, we’ll be taking down ideas from attendees for future Salon topics.

We really hope you will join us!
— Kim Vanderheiden

Hop on over to our Etsy page an pick up some cards for spring!

Spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner! We’ve been printing our botanical cards as the flowers burst into bloom around us, don’t miss your chance to spread a little sunshine to your loved ones this season!Image

Take a sneak peak at out Tulip Easter card production, you might find someone sneaking a peak back at you.



Brighten someone’s Easter with this little bunny hidden in pink tulips! Would you like one of these bunnies for yourself? To shop for our cards, check out our Etsy page at

The East Coast Laughs In Flowers

The Painted Tongue Studios has been humming this winter! We’ve been busy as bees creating new cards for 2012.

Our newest card representative Pamela Davis of Daisy D and Friends, has been everywhere this past winter letting her world know about Painted Tongue Studios and our greeting card line for 2012. Thanks to Pam, Painted Tongue greeting cards are now available in seven different states on the East Coast!

Find our cards at:


  • Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Design Works in Yarmouthport, Massachusetts
  • Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Parchment in Nantucket, Massachusetts

New York

  • Cursive New york in Brooklyn, New York
  • Leo Design in New York City, New York
  • Papel New York in Brooklyn, New York
  • Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, New York
  • Skinny Skinny in Brooklyn, New York


  • The Gardener of the Owl Valley inYork, Pennsylvania


  • Hoaglands in Greenwhich, Connecticut

Rhode Island

  • Homestyle in Providence, Rhode Island


  • Nest in Brunswick Maine

New Jersey

  • Paper Presentation in Livingston New Jersey