Winter Tea 2012

The winter tea is an annual event at Painted Tongue Studios. It’s an event for our community to gather and catch-up with each other.

ImageGood food needs no introduction.

Image Lulu, our IT adviser and general enthusiast; Alex a local musician and husband of our staff members; and Liz a former apprentice who now works at Dependable Letterpress, enjoy delicious winter treats and tea.

ImageLulu, Mitsuko our incredible bookkeeper and coordinator of our card line, and maker of delightful whimsical books and boxes; Jenny former apprentice, teacher and card designer extraordinaire; and Marianne who at one time in the past was the right hand of the business.  

ImageLupe our newest member and client concierge; and Bill our chief letterpress printer, and weaver of poem and paper

ImageBettina one of our expert letterpress printers, an exceptional book artist, and instructor at Academy of Art, with Mitsuko


Kim our fearless leader, presenting the structure for our new organization The Painted Tongue Community.

Anybody interested in joining our community for salons, critiques, equipment rental, and terrific relationships please send us an email.


Kickstart These Awesome Letterpress Punch Toys!

One of our clients, Leafcutter Designs,  has a very fun project up on Kickstarter. It will be up through mid November. I’m very excited that we’ll be doing the letterpress and die cutting for this project. Check it out and let us know what you think! Our Bill Denham is featured in the video, standing at our Heidelberg press.

Rough prototype of Leafcutter's Punch Toy

Rough prototype of Leafcutter's Punch Toy

It’s so unusual, it’s a little hard to describe, but when you see the video, you’ll understand. It’s very versatile, and I can see it applied in so many situations . . . A special valentine for your son or daughter away at college, a gift for your kid’s classroom teacher that you know s/he hasn’t received yet, wedding favors, stocking/basket stuffers, business promotions . . . This particular kickstarter project is for Valentines, but Leafcutter also makes custom versions for clients who are buying large quantities.

We’re at National Stationery Show 2011!

Ladies of Letterpress at National Stationery Show

Ladies of Letterpress at National Stationery Show

We’re exhibiting with Ladies of Letterpress at the National Stationery Show this year. It’s our first time at the show, and so far has been a terrific experience. The gals from the other 10 small letterpress shops who are in our booth have been wonderful to work with. We never would have made it here without them! Our booths are 2362, 2364, 2366, and 2368. If you’re at the show, come by and see us!

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on display

Painted Tongue botanical cards on displayPainted Tongue Studios at National Stationery Show

See our Artwork at Comerica Bank

Art_Exhibit_ComericaThrough the months of December and January, come to Comerica Bank in San Leandro to see the wall hung paper sculptures by one of our letterpress printers, Bill Denham, the San Francisco photographs by another of our printers, Bettina Pauly, and mixed media prints by owner Kim Vanderheiden.

The paper in Bill Denham’s sculptures is from the scraps of our Painted Tongue Studios projects. Bill can tell you which project from which each set of papers originated.

Bettina Pauly’s photographs depict scenes around the Golden Gate Bridge, and compliment Kim Vanderheidens prints, which include the Bay Bridge, the cranes at the Port of Oakland, and other urban landscape.

If you get a chance to stop by, let us know what you thought of our work!

Open Study Letterpress Workshop

Students letterpress printing on the Vandercook Please join us on Saturday mornings from 10-1, from January 15th through March 5th for an 8 week open study workshop. Open study means you get to tell us what you are there to learn, and we’ll tailor your syllabus accordingly. This is a small class setting, well suited for both beginning and advanced students, lead by Eva Hamden. Tuition is $280, plus materials (paper and plates, amount dependent on the needs of your chosen project.) Learn the Vandercook or the Heidelberg, platemaking, design for letterpress printing, and other related skills. Use this course to learn or expand new skills, develop your dream card line, print broadsides, invitations, stationery, or fold letterpress into your artwork. To ask questions or sign up, please email us at

The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth AmendmentJoin us in defending our rights by wearing this card as you travel through airport security this season. It is inspired by the recently instituted TSA x-ray screenings that show private parts of the body, and pat downs that include touching such parts.

The card is 3.5×5″ on an extremely thick, cotton cardstock. It is sold with hole punches and a cord to wear around your neck. It’s letterpress printed just as Ben Franklin would have done! Please visit our Etsy site and purchase this card:

Here are ways you can use this card to voice your protest: Continue reading

Christmas Cheers!

White Spruce Holiday Card

Looking for beautiful letterpress holiday cards? Come and shop at our Etsy Store! We just uploaded our holiday designs, including our newest holiday card, White Spruce, shown above. White Spruce features a special “rainbow roll” garland. Rainbow roll is a printing technique where half of the press is inked in one color and half in another color. The two colors mix and blend in the middle. Much care must be taken to keep the vibrancy of the colors at either end of the card, for as the press runs, the colors continue to mix.

Back to the cards on the Etsy site, there are some great options there for Winter Solstice and Hanukah, as well as Christmas.

Please visit us at