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Announcing Prix Fixe – Affordable Letterpress!

Brides, grooms, and friends of brides and grooms, we are excited to present our new Prix Fixe line to you! For the first time ever, Painted Tongue is offering letterpress printed template designs for your convenience and pocketbook.

We’re offering 100 beautiful letterpress printed wedding invitations for $500! Choose from 8 designs, 24 colors, and two paper shades to make a unique invitation perfect for your special day. Our Prix Fixe includes your invitation panel, rsvp cards, and blank envelopes. Additional wedding pieces, quantities, color and font options can also be included at affordable prices.

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New Pictures, New Work

Colorful Vegetable Themed Wedding Invitation
This colorful vegetable themed wedding invitation is one of our favorites, for its color and uniqueness, as well as the personal connection it has to the bride and groom. The bride’s owns an organic produce business and the groom is a sommelier. In addition to the vegetables, grapes are featured on the envelopes.

Contemporary Invitation with Folded GateAnother of our favorite recent sets, this gate fold invitation opens onto a peaceful grassy field. This couple loved to take pictures of magical and whimsical looking garden doorways and gateways when they encountered them on their travels.

Traditional Elegant Garden Wedding InvitationThis wedding took place in the garden at the family home. There was a theme of white flowers, and we selected botanicals that were in white, in the family’s gardens, and in season for the ceremony.

Florentine Traditional Wedding Invitation This elegant style of Florentine invitation is very versatile. It works well in many different color schemes, and for different seasons. That’s why it’s one of the designs we’re showcasing in our new Prix Fixe offerings, which will be released next week. (Stay tuned!) This was also featured on Style Me Pretty a visually sumptuous blog about beautiful weddings.

Urban Chic Contemporary Wedding InvitationThis invitation was designed to match the urban chic, fun, cool, retro-modern look of The Smogg Shoppe in Los Angeles, where the reception was held. The venue displayed a wonderful blend of decor, including seemingly otherworldly plantings of succulents; vintage rugs, chairs, and signs; and a converted industrial urban loft style structure and fixtures.
Olive Tree Contemporary Wedding InvitationOlive trees lined the drive to this wedding location in Napa Valley, California. We developed this stylized burled tree with with a contemporary boldness to match the couple’s aesthetic.
Maidenhair Fern Art Nouveau Wedding InvitationMaidenhair fern swirls around the text of this art nouveau influenced invitation, bringing a wonderful sense of flow to the image and text. The two elements work together with give and take, almost as if dancing.

Cherry Blossom traditional wedding invitationThese cherry blossom branches in raspberry and violet brought a stunning richness to this traditional style invitation.

We’ve been busy!

Nora and Orlando
It’s been a while since we’ve posted about what’s going on in our studio.  This is because we’ve been really busy through the winter and into spring.  We’ve been excited about the many different projects we’ve had, from wedding invitation packages to dinner menus for events.  Please click the “keep reading” button below to see images of the different projects.  As always, we welcome your comments and feedback!

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Holiday Greetings With Love From You!

Warm Holiday Wishes Card Poinsettia with Sleeping Cat

Warm Holiday Wishes Card with Poinsettia and Sleeping Cat. Painted Tongue is offering our Holiday note cards with a personalized custom greeting starting at $150.00 for 25 cards. Email Kim at info@paintedtonguepress.com!

My mother sends holiday cards every year to everyone in her Rolodex. She sits at her kitchen counter and dutifully writes each card to all the people we know. Mom never writes more than a few lines, but…

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